Rose Gold and Black Silicone Clasp Wrist ID

A Buyer's Guide: 6 Stylish Medical Alert Bracelets to Choose From

Thinking of adding a medical alert bracelet to your daily ensemble? You might be surprised to discover that medical alert bracelets come in tons of styles to suit your personality and preferences. But which one is best for you? With an array of customization options and choices, it all depends on one thing — Y-O-U! But there are some amazing and trendy styles beloved by our community of athletes and adventurers, and we’re highlighting them below for your inspiration!

1. For the Trend-Setter: Rose Gold and Black Silicone Clasp Wrist ID

Rose Gold and Black Silicone Clasp Wrist ID

A show-stopper among our medical ID bracelets for women, this black and rose gold option is unique yet surprisingly versatile. We love it because it goes with pretty much everything you own and adds a trendy pop with the customizable faceplate in rose gold. Plus, if you’re a fan of rose gold jewelry, it pairs perfectly with your favorite pieces. The silicone band is especially adaptable for those who lead active lifestyles and need something comfortable and uncomplicated. Rock this ID as you run, hike, bike and run errands.

2. For the Minimalist: Black on Black Pin-Tuck Medical ID

Black on Black Pin-Tuck Medical ID
If you’re the kind of person whose motto is “why complicate things?” then you’ll love this simple, comfortable and straightforward approach to medical IDs. Of course, black is the color to choose if you’re big on minimalism and don’t want anything too flashy. This one features our pin-tuck closure, which makes the band adjustable to a wide variety of wrist sizes. The comfortable, all-weather silicone is always a smart choice for everyday wear.

3. For the Athlete (and Those Who Don’t Like to Wear Bracelets): Medical Shoe ID

Medical Shoe ID
Don’t like wearing bracelets? No sweat. We’ve got an alternative! The Medical Shoe ID conveys all the same important information as our medical bracelets, but it securely attaches to your shoelaces. This brings the amazing benefit of always being there, so you don’t even have to think about putting it on when you head out for a run or ride. Plus, since it’s on your shoe, you won’t even notice it’s there while you’re being active. Added bonus: The shoe ID even features high-visibility 3M Scotchlite™ striping to help keep you visible on the road! It’s brilliant (literally).

4. For the Techie or Fitness Freak: Apple Watch Medical ID

Apple Watch Medical ID
Want to add an extra layer of functionality to your smartwatch? Turn it into a medical ID bracelet! This Apple Watch band is amazing because it does two key things at once — labels your watch in case it gets lost and easily identifies you and your medical information. We know that Apple Watch lovers tend to be quite active, so this band is made of a sleek silicone band and has a stainless steel faceplate that will stay in great shape when exposed to weather, sweat, etc. Note: We also offer styles made specifically for Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung and more to suit your tech.

5. For the Free Spirit: Stretch Medical ID in Electric

Stretch Medical ID in Electric
If you’re the kind of person who wants every accessory you own to say something about your personality, you’ll love the stretch Wrist ID that comes in an assortment of fun, brightly colored patterns. Whether you prefer a solid color or something funky, all of our swirl options bring a pop of personality to your whole look. You can even layer up with multiple colors to create a one-of-a-kind style!

6. For the Subtle Style Lover: Silicone Clasp Medical ID

Silicone Clasp Medical ID
Fancy yourself a one-of-a-kind but don’t need something super flashy? You’ll love the subtly stylish detailing on this bracelet featuring a red medical symbol accent and a black band. The red and black motif is perfect for daily wear or to support your favorite team, company or cause. It features an adjustable tri-fold clasp and is made with comfy silicone that you’ll barely feel on your wrist.

Customize to Your Liking 

As you can see, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to choosing your medical ID bracelet. No matter if you like your accessories to be more subtle or to pop, ROAD iD has the perfect choice for you. With a wide variety of bracelet materials, clasp styles, colors and faceplate options, you’ll be customizing more than just your personal info  when you partner with us for your medical ID bracelet!

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