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I was dragged 40 feet and pinned under a truck...

I was involved in an accident while riding my bike. I was run over, dragged 40 feet and pinned under a truck. My injuries were very severe and I was not expected to live. When the people that came to my aid asked me my name I lifted my right hand that had my Road ID bracelet on it. My first contact was called and he was able to contact other people before I even made it ... Continue Reading
Kristen H. Carmichael, CA

My husband was at the scene in minutes...

A short time ago, I went out for a mid-morning run near my office building. As I was crossing a street, I was struck by a car. I didn't know it yet, but I had suffered fractures to my left tibia and around my hip joint, a sprained ankle, many bumps and bruises, and a piece of my scalp was torn off. A few people immediately... Continue Reading
Roberta S. Washington, DC

I NEVER take off my Road ID!

Earlier this year, I was out trail running with my friend, and I suffered from a pulmonary embolism. Four blood clots were found - one in the lung - I suffered severe kidney failure, and oxygen failure. I was rescued by five local EMT crews, and flown to hospital via helicopter, where I was unconscious for approximately... Continue Reading
Fred M. Brentwood, MO

Our Golden Retriever was hit by a cyclist!

Earlier this year, my wife and I transferred to Buenos Aires, Argentina. bringing our Golden Retriever, Stella, with us. I elected to get her a new Scout ID with our updated cell numbers and her Microchip info. About a week later, she was hit by a cyclist while we were walking around the city at night. She got off the leash... Continue Reading
Michael T. Glen Allen, VA

My brother was returned home safely...

Earlier this year, my mom, dad, and brother were visiting me from out of town. My brother is 25 and has Down Syndrome. He is verbal but can be quite hard to understand at times. In the middle of the night, for some reason, he woke up and decided to step outside and take a walk. Around 2am, a Good Samaritan returning home from... Continue Reading
Erica G. San Diego, CA