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"I wish I was wearing an ID that day!"
I race Pro 1, 2 Road and Semi-Pro MTB with the Viejas/Vo2 Racing Team. In July, I was on a training ride on highway 52 (in the bike lane) when things went terribly wrong. A motorist was speeding through traffic and decided to pass a slow moving semi-truck by using the Safety/Bike Lane. The car hit me...   - Jeff M. / Lakeside, CA  Continue Reading
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"While driving I was pulled over by a police officer for making an illegal turn. The officer proceeded to write me a ticket, then asked me what was on my wrist. I told him it was my ROAD ID. He asked, "What activity do you participate?" I responded, "cycling, walking and resistance training at the gym." He then pulled up his sleeve and showed me his ROAD ID and commented, "I am a jogger." He put away his ticket book and said, "...be safe out there." I retorted, "I will...never again will I make that turn...did not even see the sign." No, No, No...that too, what I mean is be safe cycling and walking...!!!" Oh...I said." "There are a lot of people making illegal turns at this corner and I do not want you to get hit." OK...!!! Gotcha...!!! "What about the ticket?" "Don't worry it is on me thanks to your ROAD ID."
Byron H. / Centereach, NY

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