The Schitty Kit

The revolutionary K9 poopy bag kit companion.


Introducing The Schitty Kit. Never again will you shamefully flail a holey grocery bag of doggy doo-doo while you hurriedly walk home.

Each Schitty Kit comes with one roll of Poopy Bags to get you started on your elevated dog walking journey. After your pup has delivered the goods, secure the delivery and neatly tuck the Poopy Bag into the inner liner of your Schitty Kit and poof! It disappears into the ether of an alternate, smell-proofing universe until you decide to neatly dispose of it after your adventure.

• Durable Rip Stop Nylon Construction
• Internal Double-Walled Doo-Doo Chamber
• Zipper-Protected Front Storage Pocket
• Extra Storage in Mesh Front Tote Pocket
• Shoulder Strap, Belt Strap, AND Belt Clip Attachments Included
High Vis Trim Keeps You Visible in Low Light
• Roll of 24 Poopy Bags Included with Each Schitty Kit!

If you just need more Poopy Bags for your Schitty Kit, we've got 'em, right here.


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