Xcel Sidekick ID for Fitbit + Garmin

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ROAD iD is proud to partner with Xcel Energy on the 2nd Annual Power Up Walking Challenge!  It’s a great opportunity for Xcel Energy employees across the company to get moving, connect with colleagues, and enjoy a little healthy competition.  This year’s challenge takes place from August 2-15. The three teams with the highest average steps per day will get to select a Stretch Wrist ID.  For more information on the challenge, visit XpressNET or myHR.

• Engraving is guaranteed for life.
• Made from medical grade stainless steel.
• Sleek, inline attachment that looks great.

If it goes on your wrist, the Sidekick will attach to it, including:

- All Fitbit models, including Charge, Versa, and Alta
- All Samsung Galaxy watches
- All Apple watches
- All Garmin models including Garmin Fenix and Garmin Forerunner
- All Whoop, Polar, and Honor Band models

• The 13mm Sidekick fits band widths less than 1/2 inches (12mm)
• The 19mm Sidekick fits band widths that are 1/2 inch (12mm) or larger

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