Legally, we're required to issue and adhere to a fancylegalistic set of terms and conditions. Ourgeneral philosophy, however, is far simpler than allthe legal speak that our attorneys so kindlydrafted (below). Simply, we will run this Contestwith all the integrity and morality that you wouldexpect us to. It's that simple. Also, we absolutelyrefuse to share your personal information withany unauthorized business, organization, or individual.We promise.

Edward Wimmer & Erin Eimer
Owners, ROAD iD.

The ROAD iD 2021 Tour TRIVIA CHALLENGE (the “Contest”)starts at 12:01 AM Eastern Time("ET") on JUNE 26TH, 2021 and ends at 3:00 AM PT onJULY 18th, 2021 at 3:00:00 AM ET(the "Promotion Period"). The Contest is sponsoredby ROAD iD, Inc., 814 Washington Street,Covington, KY 41011 (“Sponsor”) and is subject toall applicable U.S. federal, state and locallaws, and provincial or territorial laws, and is voidwherever prohibited by law.


2. ELIGIBILITY: The Contest is open only to legalresidents of the fifty (50) United States whoare 18 years of age or older as of JUNE 26TH, 2021.In order to enter the Contest or receive theprize, you must fully comply with the Official Rules,and by entering you agree to be bound bythese Official Rules and the decisions of Sponsors,whose decisions shall be binding and final inall respects, and you certify that you are eligibleto enter.

3. HOW TO ENTER: There are a total of six separateways to participate in the Contest duringthe Promotional Period which allows for multiple contestentries by an individual, each of whichare identified here:

1.) Automatic Entry in the Grand Prize Drawing via Pop Quiz: To receive five (5) entries into theGrand Prize, visit www.roadid.com (the "Website")during the Promotion Period and completelyfill out all the required fields on the entry formand submit it to the Website (the "Entry" or"Entries"). Limit one (1) entry per person, per Quiz,per e-mail address during the PromotionPeriod. There are21Quiz questions during the PromotionalPeriod. By submitting an entry intothe Quiz, an individual will receive two (2) entriesinto the Grand Prize drawing for each qualifiedQuiz entry, regardless of whether they answer correctly.Entries by the same person in excessof the limits stated herein will be disqualified.Entries submitted to the Website will be deemed tohave been submitted by the authorized account holderof the e-mail address submitted at thetime of the entry. "Authorized account holder" isdefined as the natural person who is assignedto an e-mail address by an Internet service provider,online service provider or organization
(e.g., business, educational institution, etc.) that is responsible for assigning e-mail addressesfor the domain associated with the submitted e-mailaddress.

2.) Automatic Entry to Win the Grand Prize Drawing by Donation: To receive two (5) entries intothe Contest Grand Prize drawing, you must visit theWebsite during the Promotion Period anddonate to the listed charity. For every $5 donatedduring the Promotion Period, you will receivetwo (2) entries into the Contest. All automatic entriesmust be made by 3:00:00 am PT on JULY18th, 2021. Donations submitted to the Website willbe deemed to have been submitted by theauthorized account holder of the e-mail address submittedat the time of the entry. "Authorizedaccount holder" is defined as the natural person whois assigned to an e-mail address by anInternet service provider, online service provideror organization (e.g., business, educationalinstitution, etc.) that is responsible for assigninge-mail addresses for the domain associatedwith the submitted e-mail address.

3.) Automatic Entry to Win the Grand Prize Drawing by Facebook Messenger (No Purchasenecessary): To receive two (2) entries into the Contestvisit the Website during the PromotionPeriod and follow the instructions to submit yourFacebook Messenger entry using theapplication provided. Entries must be received by3:00:00 am PT on JULY 18th, 2021. Limit one(1) entry per promotion period. Entrant must be theregistered subscriber of the Facebookaccount from which the entry is made. Although subsequentattempts to enter may be received,only entrant’s first entry during the specified PromotionPeriod will count. No third-party entry orentry through sweepstakes service permitted. Entriesgenerated by script, macro or otherautomated means are void, as are entries that areillegible, garbled, incomplete or that containerrors. Normal time, toll, connection and usage rates,if any, charged by your Internet serviceprovider will apply.

4.) Automatic Entry to Win the Grand Prize Drawingby Instagram (No Purchase necessary): Toreceive two (2) entries into the Contest visit theWebsite during the Promotion Period and followthe instructions to submit your Instagram entry usingthe application provided. Entries must bereceived by 3:00:00 am PT on JULY 18th, 2021. Limitone (1) entry per Quiz, per uniqueInstagram account and per person during the PromotionPeriod. Entrant must be the registeredsubscriber of the Instagram account from which theentry is made. Although subsequentattempts to enter may be received, only entrant’sfirst entry, per Quiz, during the specifiedPromotion Period will count. No third-party entryor entry through sweepstakes servicepermitted. Entries generated by script, macro or otherautomated means are void, as are entriesthat are illegible, garbled, incomplete or that containerrors. Normal time, toll, connection andusage rates, if any, charged by your Internet serviceprovider will apply.

5.) You may enter the Contest to Win the Grand Prizewithout purchase via U.S. Mail byhand-printing your name, address, city, state, ZIPcode, and daytime and evening telephonenumbers (including area code), and email (if applicable)on a 3" x 5" card, and mailing, in a #10envelope with postage affixed, to: ROAD iD Tour TriviaChallenge 2021, P.O. Box 17350, FortMitchell, KY 41017. Each mail-in entry will countas one (1) entry into the Grand Prize drawing
only. Mail-in entries must be postmarked no later than JULY 16th, 2021 and received by JULY18th, 2021, in order to be eligible. Enter as oftenas you wish; however, each mail-in entry mustbe mailed in a separate postmarked-and-stamped outerenvelope. Entries that are mechanicallyreproduced, copied, illegible, incomplete, or inaccurateare void. Entries become the property ofthe Sponsor and will not be acknowledged or returned.Incomplete entries or entries notcomplying with these Official Rules are subject todisqualification, at the Sponsor's solediscretion. Proof of mailing does not constitute proofof delivery.

5.) Automatic Entry to Win the Grand Prize Drawingby SMS / Mobile Number Subscription (NoPurchase necessary): To receive five (5) entries intothe Contest visit the Website during thePromotion Period and follow the instructions to submityour mobile number entry using theapplication provided. Entries must be received by3:00:00 am ET on JULY 18th, 2021. Limit five(5) entries per promotion period. Entrant must bethe registered owner of the mobile numberaccount from which the entry is made. Although subsequentattempts to enter may be received,only entrant’s first entry during the specified PromotionPeriod will count. No third-party entry orentry through sweepstakes service permitted. Entriesgenerated by script, macro or otherautomated means are void, as are entries that areillegible, garbled, incomplete or that containerrors. Normal time, toll, connection and usage rates,if any, charged by your Internet serviceprovider will apply.

4. WINNER NOTIFICATION: ROAD iD will select GrandPrize Winner during the PromotionPeriod from all eligible Quiz entries after each Quizends. In the event there is more than onecorrect entry, ROAD iD will randomly select the winnerfrom among all eligible and correctentries. One (1) potential winner of the Grand Prizewill be selected in a random drawing on orabout JULY 23rd, 2021, from all eligible entries receivedduring the Promotion Period. Odds ofwinning depend on the number of eligible entries anindividual submits and the total number ofeligible entries received. The potential Grand prizewinner will be notified by U.S. Mail,telephone, or e-mail on or about JULY 25th, 2021.In the event the potential winner cannot bereached for whatever reason after a reasonable efforthas been exerted based on theinformation stated in the Entry, the potential winnershall be disqualified from the Contest and analternate potential winner may be selected, at ROADiD’s sole discretion, from among the othereligible entries received.

5. PRIZES: One (1) Grand Prize winner will receivea prize pack valued up to and not exceeding$7,000 USD. Prizes may be altered at any time at ROADiD’s sole discretion. ROAD iD will notassume any responsibility or liability for any propertydamage or injury arising from winner's useof any item awarded or paid for in connection withthe Grand Prize.

The Grand Prize package will contain the following:• Specialized Road Bike• GoPro Hero 9• Thule Car Rack
• Helmet from Thousand Helmets
• Osprey Hydration Pack
• ROAD iD Gift Pack

Additional prizes may be added. No substitution ortransfer of prize except in ROAD iD’s solediscretion; if any advertised prize becomes unavailable,ROAD iD may award a substitute ofcomparable value. Winners are responsible for allapplicable taxes associated with the receiptof the prize (prizes are not transferable and maynot be exchanged).

6. ACCEPTING THE PRIZE: By accepting a prize, thewinner acknowledges that ROAD iD haveneither made, nor are in any manner responsible orliable for, any warranty, representation orguarantee, express or implied, in fact or in law,relative to the prize or to any portion thereof,including but not limited to its quality, mechanicalcondition or fitness for a particular purpose. Allwinners may be required to complete certain IRS formsin order to accept a prize.

7. GENERAL RULES; USE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION: ROADiD reserves the right in itssole discretion, to cancel, suspend or modify theContest, or to disqualify any implicatedentrant(s), (and their entries) if any fraud, virus,actions by entrant(s), technical or other error orproblem, or any other occurrence corrupts or affectsthe administration, integrity, security, orproper play of the Contest, as determined by ROADiD in its sole discretion. Except whereprohibited or restricted by law, winner's acceptanceof prize/s constitutes the winner'sagreement and consent for ROAD iD to use and/or publishwinner's first name, last initial, cityand state of residence, testimonials, and/or statementsmade by winner regarding the Contestor ROAD iD, worldwide and in perpetuity for any andall purposes, including, but not limited to,advertising, trade and/or promotion on behalf of ROADiD, in any and all forms of media, nowknown or hereafter devised, including, but not limitedto, print, TV, radio, electronic, cable, orWorld Wide Web, without further limitation, restriction,compensation, notice, review, orapproval. By entering the Contest, entrants will besharing their personal information with ROADiD. Personal information collected by ROAD iD willbe used for administration of the Contest andawarding the prize. In addition, by entering, entrantagree to ROAD iD’s use of entrant'spersonal information as described in its privacy policy.Please refer to ROAD iD’s privacy policyfor important information regarding the collection,use and disclosure of personal information byROAD iD. ROAD iD uses reasonable commercial effortsto comply with Federal CANSPAM lawand entrant may subsequently opt-out of receivingfurther emails by following opt-outinstructions contained in ROAD iD privacy policy.All entries become the property of ROAD iDupon receipt and will not be acknowledged or returned.

8. NOTICE OF WINNER; FUTURE CONTEST/CONTESTS: TheGrand Prize winner may beposted on the Website on or about JULY 30th, 2021.To receive a list of the winners after JULY30th, 2021 by mail, send a self-addressed envelope,with applicable U.S. postage affixed, to:ROAD iD Tour Trivia Challenge 2021, ROAD iD, PO Box17350, Fort Mitchell, KY 41017.

9. GENERAL RELEASE. By entering the Contest, you release ROAD iD, participating sponsorsand any of their respective parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers,employees and agencies (collectively, the "ReleasedParties") from any liability whatsoever, andwaive any and all causes of action, for any claims,costs, injuries, losses, or damages of anykind (collectively, “claims”) arising out of or inconnection with the Contest or acceptance,possession, use, misuse of the prize if awarded toyou including, without limitation, claimsrelated to personal injuries, death, damage to ordestruction of property, rights of publicity orprivacy, defamation or portrayal in a false light,whether intentional or unintentional), whetherunder a theory of contract, tort (including negligence),warranty or other theory. Each entrantand winner (as applicable) assume sole liability andaccept all risk of loss for injuries, includingpersonal injuries and/or damage to property, causedor claimed to be caused by participating inthis Contest or the acceptance, possession, shippingand handling, loss, use or misuse of theprize.

10. DISPUTES. Except where prohibited, by entering,each entrant agrees that: (1) any and alldisputes, claims and causes of action arising outof or connected with this Contest or any prizeawarded shall be resolved individually, without resortto any form of class action, and exclusivelyby the state and federal courts in Kenton County,Kentucky; (2) any and all claims, judgmentsand awards shall be limited to actual out-of-pocketcosts incurred, including costs associatedwith entering this Contest, but in no event attorneys'fees; and (3) under no circumstances willentrant be permitted to obtain awards for, and entranthereby waives all rights to claim, indirect,punitive, incidental and consequential damages andany other damages, other than for actualout-of-pocket expenses, and any and all rights tohave damages multiplied or otherwiseincreased. SOME JURISDICTIONS DO NOT ALLOW THE IMITATIONSOR EXCLUSION OFLIABILITY FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES,SO THE ABOVE MAY NOTAPPLY TO YOU. All issues and questions concerningthe construction, validity, interpretationand enforceability of these Official Rules, or therights and obligations of the entrant andSponsor in connection with the Contest, shall be governedby, and construed in accordancewith, the laws of the State of Kentucky without givingeffect to any choice of law or conflict of lawrules.