#TeamROADiD Pippa

What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment?

That time I got really close to catching a squirrel!! I was riding in my backpack and there were at least five or more in a field. We were on the mountain bike and tried to chase them down one by one, and they all ran up into the trees. But, I was close! Hey, do you have any treats?

What inspires you?

Lassie, she helped SO many people. Maybe I can be like her? What kind of treats did she like?

What goals are you chasing this year?

I look forward to every ride with Christen and Todd. Any day that I can get out on the bike is a good day! I feel like I am flying! When we go down hill and everyone else is getting aero, I stick my nose up into the the wind! It is great. SO MANY SMELLS! And I think it’s pretty cool when people yell, “Hey, there’s a dog on that bike!” Sometimes they even comment on my goggles. Do you have any treats?

Favorite book and/or podcast for athletes?

I’m still learning how to read. But I’ll keep you posted.

Why do you wear ROAD iD?

So if anything would ever happen and I got startled and ran to find safety, someone could help me find my way home. Atlanta is a big city and I know there are good people that would help me find my way back to Todd and Christen. I love them so much!

What’s your #lastline?
My Rabies number, but right above that says “microchipped, cash if found” there is totally a reward to help me get home. Because I gotta get home. Duh.


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