#TeamROADiD Megan Cornelius

What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment?

Continuing to participate and not letting my diabetes get in the way!

Who inspires you? 

My diabetic peers I see out there every day, doing anything and everything without letting diabetes get in their way!

What goals are you chasing this year?

Already checked heading to the Arnold off of my list this year! I’m looking forward to creating my home gym, and attending as many diabetes walks, runs, and events as possible.

Favorite book and/or podcast for athletes? 

Not only about athletics, but Outliers was an interesting read about why some are more likely to succeed!

Why do you wear ROAD iD? 

Type 1 diabetes is an “invisible illness.” As much as I share about my diabetes, not everyone knows, and having an ID with that information is important in case of emergency.


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