Eddie The Yeti

Meet Eddie.

In case it’s not clear, he’s a Yeti—our hairy, mountain-dwelling, snow-ape cousin.

Like most Yetis, you can usually find him out and about pursuing adventure with his family, ROAD iDs on hand of course.

“But what's up with this Yeti?” you’re likely asking yourself. Well, it’s simple: Yetis perfectly encapsulate the ROAD iD spirit. We work hard, are always up for an adventure, and we never take ourselves too seriously—just like the Yeti (and yes, a few of us are just as hairy). 

Eddie is always on the hunt for a deal or a good sale, which is why we hired him to help spread the word for us this holiday season. When Eddie shows up, savings are sure to be had. 

He'll be giving out prizes and giving you first dibs on the best deals all season long.

Text "EDDIE" to 29978 to score free shipping and be the first to know what's up next.