eCrumbs Roadmap

We love our customers...and we love this App. So, rest assured that we are working as hard as a caffeinated cat in a fever dream to provide you with an incredible App that can literally Save Lives, Provide Peace of Mind, and Fuel Adventure. 

Below is our current Feature Roadmap. NOTE: This isn't a complete/comprehensive list of features. It is, however, what we'll be working on next. If you have anything that you want us to consider, please hit us up at AppFeedback@roadid.com. We're listening.


      • History Summary: We're adding a panel to the top of the History Screen that will show you total number of activities, total distance, etc. 
      • Manual Entry of Guardians: If you don't want to give the App permission to access your Contacts, you'll be able to add them manually. 
      • Emergency Dial numbers: Some countries do not support “911” dialing. We’re going to give you the ability to change this to  your country’s emergency number.
      • Satellite View on Maps: Both Adventurer and Guardian Maps will be able to toggle between street and satellite views. 
      • Latitude and Longitude: We're adding this to Stationary Alert and SOS screens so it can be provided to First Responders in an emergency. 
      • Miles vs. Kilometers: In settings, when you toggle between Miles and Kilometers, all of your historic data will adjust accordingly. 
      • Feedback and Feature Submission: Collecting honest and timely feedback from our customers is how we get better. Be on the lookout for an easier option inside the app to give your feedback on what you love and loathe about the app.
      • Auto-Save and Recover: When activities end unexpectedly (like when the phone battery dies), you'll be able to see everything that was captured before the untimely end of the activity. 
      • Zoomed Fonts and Accessibility: We're going to provide a more elegant design layout for customers that have their Screen Zoomed or use Large fonts. 
      • Navigate To Adventurer: On the Guardian's view of the activity, they will be able to access a "navigate to adventurer" option. 
      • Delete History: Want to delete an item in your history? Soon, we’ll have you covered.
      • Stationary Alert Duration: Currently, Stationary Alerts trigger after 5 minutes of inactivity. Soon, you'll be able to customize this duration. 
      • Enhanced Pause: In addition to Pause, you will have these options
        • Snooze Pause: Pause then restart after N minutes
        • Distance Pause: Pause then auto-restart after moving a certain distance.
      • Faster Start: Improve the Start Activity sequence so you can hit the road even faster.
      • Apple Watch Compatibility: Control certain App functions directly from the Watch. 
      • Battery-Save Mode: When the phone drops below a certain level, we will initiate certain battery-save actions in an effort to prolong the life of the battery. NOTE: There will be App performance tradeoffs during battery-save mode. 
      • What3Words Integration: What3Words is a location tool that is growing in popularity around the globe. What3Words has divided the globe into 3 meter squares...and each square can be represented by 3 words. For example, the President's desk inside the White House is located at "rich.soup.noble" and the front door of ROAD iD HQ is located at "oiled.sudden.salad."  This integration will help Guardians and First Responders locate you in an emergency. 
      • Guardian Library: This will make it easier for you to toggle commonly used Guardians On/Off at the beginning of an activity.