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The medics were able to alert my wife and parents
I was going out for an easy 90 minute bike ride on a Friday afternoon.  I was only 3 miles from my house when an oncoming car made an unexpected left turn (without signaling), and drove right into me.  I was thrown from my bike, and my face and shoulder punctured the car's windshield.  Thankfully, the EMTs were on the scene.... - Tyler V. / New York, NY Continue Reading

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Another Happy Customer
"I write to you this afternoon with GREAT respect and praise to you, and the RoadID team. On Sunday, May 17th 2017, I was out trail running with my friend, and approximately 1 mile out of the woods perimeter (10 mile run) I suffered from a Pulmonary Embolism, 4 found blood clots (1 in the lung), suffered sever kidney failure, and oxygen failure. I was rescued by FIVE local EMT crews, and flown to Mercy's Hospital- St. Louis via ARCH Helicopter. I was unconscious for approx 40 minutes before being reinstated by Dr's in the ER. I have been a proud Road ID member since '07.. and NEVER take off my bracelet. I was wearing that afternoon during my run which paramedics saw and provided assistance for my recovery. I am thankful for ROAD ID, and for my friend showing paramedics I had it. Firm believer and patron, I cannot THANK YOU ALL ENOUGH!!!! I wear it everyday, ALL-DAY, incase of unexpected emergencies such as this. Thank you all!!"
Frederic M. / Brentwood, MO