Why Our Cycling Group Wears ROAD iD

by: Brittany Bevis

The day Daniel crashed was pretty typical as far as training rides go. Our group was on a 50 mile ride to the coast w...

A Triathlete's Close Call With a Truck

by: ROAD iD Staff

My 6-Year-Old Showed her ID & We Were Reunited in Minutes

by: Gatey K

When my kids were four and six years old, we got them both ROAD iDs as we were not sure they would remember our phone...

Lauren's Story: I Fell Off A Dirt Bike Going 40mph

by: ROAD iD Staff

Scott's Story: I Never Thought I'd Have to Use It

by: ROAD iD Staff

My Fight-or-Flight Instinct Took Over

by: Regina H

About 3 years ago, I was running home in the evening after doing some track miles. I was lit up, easily visible and o...

Patricia's Story: I Am So Grateful That I Had My ROAD iD

Patricia's Story: I Am So Grateful That I Had My ROAD iD

by: ROAD iD Staff

Brandon's Story: You Never Know When You'll Need It

Brandon's Story: You Never Know When You'll Need It

by: ROAD iD Staff

ROAD iD Was Able To Speak For Me

by: Kara Foxx

What Do First Responders Want to See on Medical Bracelets?

What Do First Responders Want to See on Medical Bracelets?

by: Amy Leibrock

What should you engrave on your medical bracelets? We turned to a first responder - a captain with the Los Angeles Ci...
After the Bike Crash: “I Wasn’t Sure if I’d Ever Ride Again.”

After the Bike Crash: “I Wasn’t Sure if I’d Ever Ride Again.”

by: Amy Leibrock

Then the next thing Bonafede knew, he was being loaded into an ambulance with a firefighter handing him a phone and a...
Day at the Museum: ROAD iD Safely Reunites Lost Child With Parents

Day at the Museum: ROAD iD Safely Reunites Lost Child With Parents

by: ROAD iD Staff

“In my work as a fireman in Phoenix, I’d seen ROAD iD's on bikers who had been hit by cars. I decided to buy them...

She Appeared to Be Lost and Injured

by: Michael T.

Earlier this year, my wife and I transferred to Buenos Aires, Argentina. We brought our Golden Retriever, Stella, alo...

Nothing had ever happened... until today.

by: Sarah C.

We moved to the DC area when our son was 3.5 years old. Knowing how transient this area can be, we got him a ROAD iD ...

I Never Planned On Using My ROAD iD

by: Joe A.

When I purchased my Road ID, my plan was to wear it, of course...but I never imagined I'd actually use it.  I was...

It Was A Scary And Dangerous Situation

by: Andrew S.

I had a very close friend, Karen, who recently lost her life after battling brain cancer for 5 years.  Her brave figh...

Two Hikers Found Me After I Passed Out

by: Heather S.

This past summer, my Road ID literally saved my life.  I was in Northern Michigan, taking care of my father who was d...

You'll Never Believe Why I Needed My ROAD iD

by: Henry D.

I want to share with you the unique role that Road ID played in my life.  On my regularly scheduled Monday ride, I co...

My Uncle Was a John Doe

by: Bill H.

My Uncle Brooke was severely hurt in a cycling accident in City Creek Canyon, UT.  He was thrown from his bike and br...

My ROAD iD Spoke For Me

by: Chen T.

my crash during the port dickson triathlon in malaysia brought the effectiveness of the road id into full use.  i wou...

My ROAD iD Saved The Day

by: Gina W.

I purchased my ROAD iD when I started training for the Chicago Marathon. Like many others, I never thought I would ev...

Wearing ROAD iD Is One of the Smartest Things

by: Lisa M.

Things happen when we least expect them...On October 15th I was out for a ride in the middle of the day. I was in the...

We're Alive Today Thanks to Helmets and ROAD iD

by: Michael B.

I recently told my adolescent son that his Mom and Dad are alive today because we wear helmets and Road IDs while cyc...

The Car Came Out of Nowhere!

by: Charles W.

I was running early one morning on Marco Island, Florida.  I realized that I left my hotel room without my Road ID.  ...

The One Time I Rode Without My ROAD iD

by: Greg A.

I never run or bike alone without my Road ID.  But on this particular day, I was going on a fun ride and run with the...

I Totaled My TT Bike On A 'Test' Ride!!

by: Kenny B.

I bought my Road ID over year ago and have worn it on every ride...except the one time when I really needed it.  Here...

My ROAD iD May Have Saved My Life

by: Allison B.

I want you know that my Road ID may have saved my life on Sunday.  I was running the Surf City half marathon when I w...

Thanks to ROAD iD, I Received Prompt Medical Care

by: Debora D.

During Daytona Beach's annual Easter Run, I became overheated, dizzy, and passed out.  A beachgoer saw me stumble...

I wish I Had Been Wearing ID

by: Kirsten K.

As a runner, I knew about Road ID, and had intended to get one for myself. Unfortunately, I never got around to it, a...

I Quickly Learned the Importance of Having ID

by: Paul H.

As a First Responder for almost 14 years (and also an avid cyclist), I can't emphasize enough the importance of R...

I Was Very Grateful I Was Wearing My ROAD iD

by: Patricia P.

I had just qualified for the Kona, Hawaii, Ironman Triathlon World Championships at the Florida Half-Ironman and was ...

Emts Got My Information Very Quickly!

by: Margaret D.

Everything was going great until day 4 of Cycle Oregon last year...when I blew a tire on a 10% downhill grade.  I fle...

I Was Not Alone...My ROAD iD Was with Me!

by: Lacey H.

Recently, I ordered the Wrist ID Elite (Interactive Version). I found it to be very comfortable, durable, and easy to...

Thanks to My ROAD iD, the EMT Called My Husband

by: Kerry K.

I am a member of the Impala Racing Team in San Francisco.  I recently ran the Kaiser Half Marathon race in San Franci...

As an Er Nurse, I Think ROAD iD Is a Life Saver

by: Angela H.

Thank you for these amazing Road IDs.  My husband serves in the Military and was recently diagnosed with diabetes.  A...

My ROAD iD Provided Immediate Identification!

by: Ronny K.

I have been wearing a Road ID Interactive on my ankle when cycling, running and swimming for about a year.  It paid o...

I Could Not Respond to the EMT's Request!

by: Bob L.

It was just another day. I was out for a training ride on my road bike.  The course I took was mostly uphill from my ...

My ROAD iD Helped Me Survive a Head-On Collision

by: Ken P.

There I was, laying on the road and asking Jesus Christ to save my life.  I had landed there as a result of a head-on...

The Only ID I Had Was My ROAD iD

by: Scott W.

I was returning from a thirty mile bike ride, at dusk. I was only two blocks from home.  Heading west bound, an east ...

The Medical Staff Quickly Retrieved My Info

by: TracyJo P.

Last fall, I entered my final triathlon of the year.  I started the race tired, and a bit burned-out, but I was confi...

The Medics Were Able to Alert My Wife and Parents

by: Tyler V.

I was going out for an easy 90 minute bike ride on a Friday afternoon.  I was only 3 miles from my house when an onco...

Who Is Going to Speak for You If You Can't?

by: Misti P.

Moments are precious when your life is on the line!  From experience, I know that a Road ID is the best gift you will...

ROAD iD Is a Fantastic Product

by: Matt R.

I am a Paramedic who works a Rescue shift in a busy suburban area.  In trauma situations, we are trained to treat the...

I Was Unable to Provide Any Information!

by: Rocky R.

After 18 years, it finally happened.  I ended up in the hospital after a bad cycling accident.  Without warning, a ca...

We Couldn’t Find Our Daughter!

by: Tim A.

Our 5 year old daughter ran a kids marathon in Nashville the other weekend. It was her first time running a race '...

I Finally Woke up to the Importance of Wearing ID!

by: Denise B.

How many times do you need to have something beaten into your head 'literally' before you take it seriously? ...

One More Chance-Thank You ROAD iD!

by: Bill W.

July 27th is a day that will remain with me forever. I was training for an upcoming century that morning and set out ...

My ROAD iD Did Its Job!

by: Robert K.

I got my Road ID late last year, and I have worn it on almost all of my workouts and back country activities since. G...

It Worked Beautifully!

by: Joan F.

A couple of weeks ago, I was hit by a car while riding my bike. I was stunned, disoriented, badly bruised and my poor...

The Driver Didn't See Me!

by: David P.

I'm sure glad Road ID is out there. I have been run over on my bike twice in 13 years, not to mention the close c...

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