I flipped over the handlebars at almost 40mph

by ROAD iD Staff May 21, 2021

Thanks for the email. Funny you are stuck in DTW and my youngest son is there doing a trade show.
I appreciated everything you said and you touched on a lot of great points.
I am the president and one of the founding members of Tactical 180 a 501(c)(3) that provides equipment
and support to 1st responders, Police/Fire, Military, Vets Disabled Vets and Disabled Athletes.
Every Staff member, Racer, Athlete and even my family have road ID's. Just today one of my Racers
purchased one for his iWatch. We loved the Sponsorship kit we got last year with the race number, coupons
and information brochures. We took them everywhere, Simi Valley Cycling Festival, Finish the Ride, Police/Fire
World Championships, Warrior Games, Invictus Games, USA Senior Masters National Championships
USA Triathlon National Championships, Blood Sweat and Gears.
Tour of Palm Springs, and Race on the Base. I think every athlete should own a Road ID, I have 6 of them.
instead of renewing I just buy a new one. Honestly I think its just easier to buy a new one than renewing.

As a World and Nationally ranked Cyclist and Biathlete. I understand why a Road ID is essential part of a race kit. In 2008, I was about to become National Road Cycling Sprint Champion and my sock got caught in my front Chainring (freak accident) 15 yards from the finish line. I flipped over the handlebars at almost 40mph. Apart from all the road rash, my left hand was trapped under the handlebar and severed my 4 fingers off, just held on by the tendons. I was in shock but they used my Road ID to access my medical records.
which was a God Send. I had just purchased it a few month earlier.

- Jason