A fellow biker was lucky he wore his Road ID

by ROAD iD Staff May 18, 2021

My family and I are avid motorcycle riders.  I was introduced to Road ID by a fellow rider and I decided to give my family members Road IDs for Christmas.  I also handed out Road ID coupons at our regular bike meeting in January.  Recently, during a local ride, one of the riders missed a left turn and hit the curb.  He was thrown from his bike and landed head first into a concrete light pole. Even with his helmet, and a good quality mesh protective riding jacket, they had to air lift him to a trauma center.

He was not known very well by the others in the group, so no one knew his emergency phone numbers, next of kin, medical conditions, etc.  Someone knew where he lived, but when they went to his house, no one was home.  It seemed like forever, but they eventually located his cell phone and started calling all the numbers in his memory and finally contacted a family member.

It was at that moment, we learned his family was already on the way to the hospital, had already given proper consent for blood transfusion and had already approved his treatment.  It turns out, our friend was wearing an Interactive Road ID bracelet.  His Road ID provided the police all the information they needed to contact family and to look up his medical history.

In looking back, he was one of the members who ordered a Road ID using the coupons I had handed out in our January meeting.  It gives me shivers to think that this may have provided critical timing for proper care.  If I had not introduced Road ID to this group, our fellow biker may have suffered a much more traumatic outcome.  WOW.

Update: The crash resulted in facial damage, a broken rib, and a lot of blood loss.  He is now in good shape, and should heal fine from the ordeal after a large team of trauma doctors worked on him very quickly.

- Karen .S from Orlando, FL