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Read firsthand about how ROAD iD makes a real difference in real peoples’ lives. 

It Proved to be a Real Lifesaver

Some Good Samaritans Stopped and Called 911

I wanted to reach out and tell you after many many years of wearing a Road ID daily it finally came to use.. On April 16th after my long Saturday AM bike ride (a beautiful 65 miles) I came home and...

ROAD iD Helped Me in Many Ways

Many years ago I was deeply involved in marathon races, triathlons and ocean free diving. I was a huge fan of Jim Fixx. After reading his book I had purchased my first runners log. I have had the o...

It's who i am

Personal stories and experiences that make you, you. 

Big's Backyard: Through my Lens

Big's Backyard: Through my Lens

“Should I quit?” Ihor Verys paused at the timing tent, leaning over the runner’s chute barrier to talk to race director Lazarus Lake. His eyelids were sinking shut and reopening as he wobbled and l...
A Different View from a Sighted Guide

A Different View from a Sighted Guide

Everyone should have the opportunity to chase their dreams and fuel their adventure, and that’s exactly what Team ROAD iD Ambassador Cheyenne Meyer is helping to get accomplished.  When we found o...
Artist Series: Katarina Lajcakova
Author: Katarina Lajcakova

Artist Series: Katarina Lajcakova

Hello, my name is Katarina, and I am an artist and illustrator with a passion for art, nature, and adventure. I am the creative force behind the Wildmedesigns project, where I share my passions for...

Fuel Your Adventure

Safety and training tips to get you out into the world.

What information goes on a medical alert bracelet

What Information Goes on a Medical Alert Bracelet?

The purpose of a medical alert bracelet is to supply emergency health professionals with information about a person’s medical conditions or other bits of knowledge that can be relevant to providin...
jogger leaning over rest break

3 Ways a Custom Medical Alert Bracelet Could Save Your Life

Chronic illnesses aren’t easy to live with. The stress alone can be a major blight on many people’s lives, wearing them thin on top of the other struggles they’re dealing with in life. For some, th...
focus on medical id bracelet

Here Are 5 Reasons for Wearing a Medical ID Tag

Life happens. Whether you’re an endurance athlete or someone living with a chronic illness, a medical emergency can strike at any time. The problem with an emergency is that you never expect it. So...

Who We Are

Learn more about the people who make up the ROAD iD team. 

Business With People

The staff here at ROAD iD is strong, inspiring, and a little weird. Read about their personal experiences.

Magically Grateful

Magically Grateful

It was March in the year 2000 when my Dad and I launched our first eCommerce website. A few hours later, an email alerted me to our very first online order. Actually, I received 19 emails as a teen...

Service Dogs | Vote for their Names

A portion of every ROAD iD order is donated to our charity partners at 4 Paws for Ability— an amazing organization that trains and places service dogs with children and veterans in need. When our f...

So What's Next?

There's a magical period of time between receiving your finalized order and sending it out the door to you. We have lasers. Roly-carts. A dude named Chuck. If you thought Santa's workshop was cool,...

Founders Fodder

Catch up on quarterly letters from ROAD iD Co-Founder and CEO, Edward Wimmer. 

Face of the Brand?

You know how some people bolt out of the room or dive behind the sofa as soon as someone pulls out a camera? I’ve never been that guy. Truth be told, I kinda like the camera. In fact, in high schoo...

What A Ride

Back in 2019 a friend of mine asked me to do a Mountain Bike race with him. Specifically, he asked me to do a really, really, really (yes - three reallys) hard race known as The Cape Epic. “The Cap...

Holy Fork - The Greatest 35 minutes on TV. Ever.

I’m not sure who granted her supreme power over the TV remote, but in our household, my wife has total control over the next streaming series that we are going to watch. My typical reaction to her ...