by Wendy Crockett May 04, 2020

I'm happy to be part of a multi-generational family of ROAD iD enthusiasts, and you'll find me wearing my ROAD iD whether I'm exploring the world on two feet or two wheels. My passion is motorcycle endurance riding and I NEVER pull out of the driveway without my ROAD iD. I have one that lives permanently on my riding jacket and a second worn on a bracelet; in the event of an accident, I want to make sure that my critical information is easily found by EMS.

As a motorcycle mechanic and endurance rider, I often give seminars on both topics; one question I always pose to my audience is "Even if you never ride alone, how many of your riding buddies know all your critical health conditions? What medications you take? Dosages?" It doesn't matter if you're riding around town or around the world, solo or with a group of your closest friends, I advise everyone to ALWAYS ride with a ROAD iD. I recently became the first woman in history to win the Iron Butt Rally, the most grueling and competitive motorcycle endurance competition in the world, and I proudly did so wearing my ROAD iD (I may look a little rough around the edges in the pictures, but 13,000 miles in 11 days will do that to you! Besides, who says adventure always looks pretty?) I'd wager about 95% of the competitors were sporting their own ROAD iD as well.

When I'm not out riding, I'm out hiking. I hike many thousands of miles every year, either solo or with my very young daughter. We both wear our own ROAD iDs every time we go out; whether we're knocking out 30 mile days in far-flung new territory or padding down our favorite five mile trail right in our own backyard, I expect the best but plan for the worst. 

I've even shared ROAD iD with my mom. She has spent the last several years on dialysis with a complicated and constantly rotating regimen of medication and was frustrated by the limitations of typical medical alert IDs, so using the ROAD iD online profile allowed her to keep her all of information totally current. When she finally received a kidney transplant six weeks ago, she was overjoyed to replace her "Dialysis Patient" faceplate with one that reads "Transplant Recipient". When her new faceplate arrived yesterday, my daughter proudly handed over the tiny heart badge from her own ROAD iD to remind Grandma of how much she is loved :-) Between my daughter, my mom and myself, we have wildly divergent risk exposure but we all love the ROAD iD solution!