by ROAD iD Staff May 04, 2020

Nora is ROAD iD Ambassador and cyclist living in Vienna, Austria. She first started cycling a few years ago and hasn’t looked back ever since. We asked Nora to share more about her journey and what keeps her motivated.

How has ROAD iD been part of your life since you starting cycling? 

I got my first ROAD iD from my boyfriend just weeks after I started cycling. We both wear it every day and everywhere, not just for safety reasons but also kind of like a sign that we belong together. But of course, it’s also good to know that in an emergency, an ambulance has every information about me and my family can be at the hospital fast. 

About a year ago, I crashed in a dark tunnel in Italy due to a pothole. It happened shortly after a  little downhill area, so I was going about 35 Kilometers and two cars were behind me. In front of me, I could see my boyfriend leaving the tunnel. Suddenly, I didn’t feel any asphalt under my front wheel and flew right over my bike. I must have had someone watching me from above because the nearby cars were able to stop at the last second. 

When I landed, I must have covered my head with my hands because my shoulder and my hips were bleeding. My hand was just fine, but my ROAD iD took all the damage instead. My helmet also broke— which gives you an idea of just how hard the impact was. I could stand up immediately though, and my boyfriend was there to look after me the very next second. But even if he wouldn’t have been there, I was wearing my ROAD iD. Although it was scratched up heavily in the crash, it was still readable. 



I was very afraid the next day to ride through this tunnel again, but when I came back 6 months later, I recognized that they fixed the asphalt. It's now my favorite way back to our hotel because I always remember how I overcame my fear to ride through it again.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?

Probably the whole lifestyle change I went through the last 2 years since getting into cycling. It can be challenging to balance cycling goals without missing out on all the fun stuff in life. But I’m happy with the way things are. I like winning trophies though and I received some last year, so from that view, my greatest accomplishment is probably winning my local crit racing series here in Vienna with even more points in total than the male winner. 



Favorite book and/or podcast for athletes?

My favorite read was the book Roar by Stacey Sims. It's about female-specific training and nutrition for female athletes. I prefer to listen to podcasts in german because I listen to them on the trainer when I’m focusing on training. I like Johannas Wundersame Fahrradwelt a lot and also the Plan Z Podcast from Rick Zabel, a pro rider. The best ones are those with his fiancée because she is so funny.



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