by ROAD iD Staff June 17, 2021

To ring in the first weekend of Summer, Royce is in New York for a lineup of epic outdoor activities— from sailing, foil surfing, SUP, and hiking. She'll be sharing the adventure on her Instagram. Click here to follow along. 



Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

I'm a full-time photographer currently hopping between the East and West Coasts. I am very passionate about nature and landscape photography, it's amazing to be able to capture its beauty in such a special way. 


Often I get asked what drives me to do what I do seeing several sleepless nights and lot's of miles on the road. My biggest inspiration is the support I receive from my family and friends, they have encouraged me to pursue my dream and run with it. Just being able to share my experiences with others and the imagery I'm able to capture is rewarding in itself.



When I'm not photographing epic images for the outdoor industry you'll find me running, hiking, or cycling to keep active. I enjoy hiking in the mountains mostly which really tests my strength and endurance.

Since I am also a part-time van lifer, outdoor activities are a daily habit. Life in the outdoor's is what I love.



Why do you wear ROAD iD?

I have worn my ROAD iD for years because it gives me peace of mind that if something happens, my family can be easily contacted. Since I hike in the backcountry, cycle, and do other activities that can sometimes be dangerous, it's really important to me to wear it on a consistent basis.