by ROAD iD Staff June 17, 2021

Eric is tackling a new trail for the first day of Summer. Join his journey on Utah's Horsetail Falls trail by following along on Instagram. 



Can you share a bit about yourself, where you started, and what goals you're currently chasing? 

I am a husband and father before anything and everything. I got into running and fitness because I realized I was going down an unhealthy path soon after the birth of my son.


I made a decision to live a healthier lifestyle so I inspire my kids to be active and so we could go on adventures together. My initial weight-loss and fitness goals eventually grabbed the attention of family, friends, and others. I began to see the impact that real honest change could have in inspiring others to better themselves as well. It was through this realization that I decided to push myself and continue on.

Now I have goals to become a professional level Spartan Racer, start a personal training business, and more than anything, go on many adventures with the family. My training usually looks like some type of mountain running 3-5 times a week with some traditional weightlifting 2x a week.



Why do you wear ROAD iD?

Peace of mind. I often get out before the sun comes up. I’m also alone on 90% of my mountain runs. If something were to happen to me and I became unconscious, ROAD iD gives me the security of easy to access medical information. Not only this, but I know my wife worries when I’m gone. The idea of being found but having no way for my family to get updates is not something I like to think about.

I’m blessed to be able to do the things I do but with that I must understand that things can go bad in an instant if I’m not careful.