by ROAD iD Staff April 29, 2021

Moms are the best. They were the ones who cut the crust off your sandwiches, picked you up after soccer practice, and probably had more patience than we deserved at times.

In honor of celebrating these badasses also known as mothers, we're shining a big ole spotlight on Team ROAD iD Ambassadors as they share some of their motherly musings.  

What’s your go-to parenting hack?

Want your kids to eat their veggies? Let them pick them. We would take our kids to the farmers market and let them each have turns picking vegetables to have for dinner. No matter what it was, it's how we were introduced to Kohlrabi, and we love it. Letting them feel empowered about the dinner choices for the family will get them excited and even proud to try the vegetable they chose. As they got older we starting having our kids help meal plan for the week, and even cook. This not only teaches them good eating habits, but they will have the tools to make good choices when they are out on their own. 

—Jaimelee @seventhtrailsister

Pre-cut veggies are where it's at. I'm not a meal prepper myself, but having easy-access fresh cut veggies makes it so easy for them to eat what they like. Plus it's easy for adults to have a healthy snack, too. Win win!

—Rachel @running_onhappy

How do you practice self-care? 

To me self-care is the Oxygen mask rule, I have to take care of me to take care of everyone else. It took me years to learn this. Self-care isn't selfish, taking a few moments away to do something just for me makes a world of difference and helps me give my family 100%

—Jaimelee @seventhtrailsister

For me, self-care is any activity where I can focus my time and attention toward myself.  It takes a lot of different forms, depending on the day.  Sometimes, it's the time when I'm out for a run, and I can just be alone with my music and my thoughts.  Othertimes it's having a bath with a glass of wine.  Sometimes, it's just 5 minutes of going into a room by myself and just being ALONE.  I think that everyone should practice self-care daily, even if it's only for a few minutes.

—Kristin @she_runs_at_dawn

Mother nature is my self-care. Whether a walk or a run or just some time spent on my patio it calms me and resets my brain. If I can escape to somewhere with tall pine trees and mountain views, the reset is even deeper.

—Pam @trailmomma 

How does ROAD iD impact peace of mind as a parent? 

Our oldest is autistic and runs for his high school cross country and track team. I trust his coaches to keep him safe while running around town. Having him wear a RoadID while running makes me feel so much better about having him run with his team. Also all 3 of my kids wear their RoadIDs while at school. Having their information on them in case anything happens is a huge stress reliever for me.

—Missy @inkedrunnermissy

Both of my kids wear ROAD iDs 24/7. They never take them off. They just think it is a cool piece of "jewelry" and they love that it makes them unique among their friends to wear one. I love that they have my phone number with them wherever they go (too young for cell phones). So if needed, I can get to them. 

—Pam @trailmomma

We are going on a little weekend getaway soon, and I love knowing that my kids will have my contact info on them just in case. It is also a relief when they go off with grandma, because you just never know. 

—Maggie @maggiehafertepe


Any tips for keeping kids active?

Our kids are watching everything we do. When we show them how fun it can be, they’ll want to try it too! 

—Sarah @esarahlee


My family is very active. Do my kids jump for joy every time? No. We try and do a lot of things together and give the kids some choices in what they want to do. Walk or SUP? Bike ride or swim? I am blessed that my kids love the outdoors as much as my husband and I do. For their birthday, we do an annual "ride your age in miles" event which is always fun for us all. When we do hike, we try and choose a destination that has "something" like a waterfall or a lake - they love to skip rocks. We also try and encourage nightly walks around our neighborhood. They tend to gripe the most about this, but inevitably they end up loving it and find themselves laughing the entire time. Being active, creates a better mood and I think they realize that 100%.

—Pam @trailmomma

Be their role model.

—Melissa @melissarunstrails


What’s the best advice you’d give (or have received!) about motherhood?

The dishes piled in the sink, loads of laundry, and dirty floors will always be there but your kids won’t...make the most of the time you have with them! 

—Lauren @laurencrisp 

Not to compare your children to others (or your parenting to other parents for that matter!) I have a son with significant special needs, including both an intellectual disability as well as a physical disability. I used to fixate on how far behind he was from others. There is so much truth to the saying "Comparison is the thief of joy." It took awhile (he is 8 now) but I can honestly say he is joyfully himself. I love him just the way he is. And I have no doubt in the world that I was meant to be his mother.

—Laura @lep712

The best advice I received about motherhood is to stop taking advice from everyone and to stop comparing your family to another or your mom-ness to another mom or your child to another child. We are all individuals and we are all different. Just be there for one another and listen to each other. Motherhood is not a competition. If I had to give advice, I would say (for older kids) listen to them, truly listen to what they are saying and for those with infants, read Baby Led Weaning - the human body is fascinating. 

—Pam @trailmomma

Let your children make their mistakes, and be there to comfort them when they fail. Failure is a (brutal) part of life but without failing, we never know what it is to rise up and overcome. I know moms want to protect their children from injury, disappointment, heartache, and consequences, but these are things we all must experience to grow as humans. Obviously, step in where appropriate (bullying, or self-harm, for example), but als don't shy away from letting them learn from their mistakes.

—Jen @runswithpugs

Trust your gut!! Many people give you advices or tips on how to rise your child, but deep down only you know what is best for your kid!

—Claudia @justsmile_justtri


Best part about being an active mom?

I love that I always have energy! Exercising, especially early in the morning, gives me a huge boost of energy for the day.

—Kimberly @runningonthefly  

I love that my kids support my running- they ask how my runs go, how far I ran, etc. Running in races with them has given them the chance to see that exercise doesn’t have to be about winning. I love that they already recognize the power of moving their bodies to turn around a bad day. 

—Amy @barefoot_mother_runner

Having my kids see that even though things get tough or don’t go as planned to never give up.

—Missy @inkedrunnermissy


The best part, so far, is that my kids actually seem impressed by me. They love to tell their friends that "My mom ran 100 miles in one day!" It makes me smile to think that my weekend adventures and feats, make THEM proud when they are the ones making me proud daily. I love that they try do the things I do when no one is looking. Running, activation exercises, wearing a watch or their hair the same way as me. Their friends want me to set up workouts for them which is kind of cool. They let me coach their sports teams and I love that I can join in during a practice when needed because I am fit and active. Not many other moms can do that sometimes. So far in life, my kids are not embarrassed by their mom and they think their mom is actually pretty badass and cool to be around and I truly think being an active running mom, made that so. 

—Pam @trailmomma