Being a cardiac nurse, a former EMT, and a triathlete, I know that ROAD iD can be an important life-saving tool. In an emergency, EMTs will look head to toe for any ID a person may be wearing. The ROAD iD makes sure the right information gets to those who need it in an emergency. I had a coworker who crashed while biking in the mountains. Someone found her, and it was her ROAD iD that saved her life.

My patients notice my bright yellow bracelet on a daily basis. I tell them about it and many of them go on and buy them. I especially recommend it to patients with pacemakers as another identification tool at the airport or places that have metal detectors or MRIs.

HarveyJason enjoying a triathlon with his son

When my kids got old enough to be active, I felt like they needed ROAD iDs, too. They did their first triathlon this summer. My two sons join me while guiding groups on 4-5 day backcountry treks in the Western Sierra’s during the winter and summer. We also rock climb and surf.

HarveySharing some adventure with his two sons

Things can just happen, and I don't want to take any chances. If something happened to me or if we all got injured, it’s important that paramedics know our allergies or blood types and emergency contact information.

It's comforting and fun to see people I’ve told wearing their ROAD iDs, and it is so reassuring to know my kids will be safe and get the help they need in an emergency.

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