by ROAD iD Staff May 28, 2021

Hi Charlotte! Can you tell us a bit about yourself? 

I’m a multidisciplinary cyclist based in Australia. I train and compete on both the mountain bike and road bike, do I have a favourite? Not really! I enjoy the mix of the two, mountain bike is nice to be able to get off the roads and see some of the stunning bush land we have and the road bike lets me explore the more urban side of Australia.

I’ve competed in the Australian road champs and represented Australia in the mountain bike World Championships.

There are plenty of places I still want to visit with my bike however I’ve definitely been to some amazing countries. Throughout my career I’ve been x2 Aussie Champ on the MTB, that was probably a highlight of my cycling career.

What’s something you’re most proud of?

Taking the opportunity to travel to different countries with my bike, there’s a lot of places I wouldn’t have thought of even visiting if I didn’t ride a bike. Those moments have been some of the biggest hidden gems I’ve experienced. I’m happy that I have the courage and willingness to travel!

What is your most memorable race? 

I won a stage at the American Intelligensia Cup in 2019, it was the longest sprint of my life and all I remember was telling myself not to look back as I knew that the peloton was coming up behind me. The win was within the millimeters and I was very proud to be able to take home a win.

How do you stay safe while you ride?

I always use a front and rear light, doesn’t matter if it’s day time. My cycling wardrobe has plenty of bright colours on it and I wear my ROAD iD always incase of an accident.

The peace of mind comes from knowing that anyone incase of an accident can let my listed contacts know that I’m in trouble. Also good to document any allergies as well incase the paramedics require that information.

If you could give yourself advice 5-years-ago, what would it be?

Enjoy the cyclist life whilst you can. I then went back to complete my final year of study in 2020, it was certainly a less exciting year than the previous ones!

What goals are you currently chasing?

To race and be an ambassador for more events in Australia. There’s plenty of events that are starting to happen again and I would love to get more involved in those!

Gear check! 

I ride a hot pink Factor O2, equiped with Shimano DuraAce Di2. Favourite helmet brand - Lazer. My number one cycling apparel brand - The Pedla!