by ROAD iD Staff April 06, 2020

We'll always opt for the outdoors whenever possible, but sometimes it's not on the table. If you're feeling cooped up indoors, here are a few ways to stay active and keep your sanity while we ride this thing out. 

1. Try A New Home Workout

ROAD iD Ambassador Madeline Marinella has found her silver lining to being stuck inside: “I have loved being able to switch up my routine and try out new workouts I would have never tried,” she said of her new home workout routine. You don’t need a whole range of equipment to break a sweat at home.

Madeline suggests using items around the house, like a laundry detergent bottle for weightlifting or a dining chair for dips and stretches. 


2. Go Virtual

Some people prefer using the phrase “physical distancing” instead of “social distancing.” This distinction is a reminder that we can still stay connected with each other online while staying a safe distance apart. That’s where virtual experiences come in— it’s the ideal option for those who are training alone but crave support and interaction with fellow runners or riders.

In virtual races, participants can log their progress online while connecting with fellow racers. There are tons of virtual races and groups out there. You can search for options in your area here. 

Thanks to social media, we can start our own challenges with friends. In the #See10Do10Tag10Challenge, Instagrammers complete 10 push-ups then call out a friend to do the same. 

For cyclists, there’s a host of indoor cycling apps to pick from. For those who use Zwift, Hincapie Sportswear hosts a weekly ride with George Hincapie, Rich Hincapie, and members of the Hincapie staff and ambassadors. The rides happen every Wednesday at 7:20 p.m. EST. They’re even throwing in prizes for participants.

Staying in touch through virtual experiences and challenges can keep you amused, entertained and active during these weird times.

3. Explore a New Hobby

“Meal prep and baking are great for maintaining sanity and relieving some stress! I like to find a new recipe every once in a while to keep my creative juices flowing,” says Irene, a ROAD iD Ambassador. Pantry staples like canned beans and frozen veggies are an easy place to start, especially for those who don’t have time to meal plan.

“One of the great things about a pantry staples recipe is that it is not set in stone. If you’re out of one spice you can skip it or substitute another. Have some veggies that are nearing their end date? Toss ’em in!” says Ambassador and Running Coach Debbie W. Check out her Pantry Staples Recipe for One Pot Vegan Lentil Chili.  
Ambassador Dan D. is turning to the lost art of letter-writing to reach loved ones during the pandemic: “I find a great deal of peace in writing letters and creating hand made cards (with really bad artwork.) I write letters to grandparents to stay connected, talking about books we’ve read and the ones we recommend."

4. Keep Chasing Those Goals

“As athletes, our races are being canceled and our training has to adjust. If you have built up a good amount of fitness and want to use it, go ahead and complete the trained for distance solo or in a virtual race," says Ambassador and Endurance Coach Cliff P.

If you're not sure of your next race, Wendy R. suggests finding a new goal to focus on. If you’re a distance runner, why not try training for a shorter distance like a 5K or, better yet, a mile. 

"Mixing things up can make running feel fresh. You might even like the new distance,” Wendy says. “The speed work you’d do for a shorter distance would be beneficial when you pick up training for a half or full marathon again.”

5. Stick to a Routine 

“Ha! If you have four kids at home right now like I do, you’re probably laughing,” Cliff P. says. 

“But more than likely, you can still maintain some control of your time at some point in the day. For me, that’s 4am-7am before the kids get up. I have a structured morning routine, lots of coffee, and my planned run workouts.” 

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