by ROAD iD Staff November 08, 2021

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Living with epilepsy comes with its own special challenges. However, if you feel alone, you can rest your mind, knowing that approximately 65 million people around the world live with epilepsy. But even if millions of people live with the medical condition, how doyou remain safe on a daily basis? 

A simple way to stay safe, while living with epilepsy, is to wear a medical alert bracelet. But what is a medical alert bracelet, and how can it keep you safe?

What Is a Medical ID Bracelet? 

medical alert bracelet is a piece of personal jewelry you wear around your wrist. More simply put, it’s an ID bracelet. It allows you to carry your personal information and medical history with you wherever you go. 

But what do you put on ID bracelets? 

What to Engrave on Your Medical Alert Bracelet? 

A medical alert bracelet will only keep you safe if you put the right information on it. You want to include everything that could protect you in the event of a medical emergency, particularly an epileptic seizure. You should include things like: 

  • Your name
  • Your emergency contact’s name
  • Your emergency contact’s phone number
  • Your epilepsy and other medical conditions — diseases and chronic illnesses 
  • Medications you take
  • Allergies to medications, materials and treatments 

Why Should You Wear a Medical Alert Bracelet for Seizures?  

Why is it that you, someone living with epilepsy, should wear a medical alert bracelet? There are a number of reasons, but the simplest reason is that it will keep you prepared for an emergency. 

Avoid misdiagnosis

Having a seizure in public can be worrisome. You worry, most of all, whether people will understand what’s happening to you. A major problem is that many people will misdiagnose what you’re going through, especially when they talk to emergency services. 

For instance, if someone were to find you either during or after you had a seizure, they may think something else caused what’s happening to you. They may even call EMS and tell them that you must have hit your head and that you’re now unresponsive. 

Avoid misdiagnosis by wearing a medical alert bracelet. Whether found by a stranger or EMS, they’ll be able to see your ID bracelet and immediately know what was the cause of your medical emergency. 

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Receive adequate help

Likewise, a medical alert bracelet will allow you to avoid a misdiagnosis so you can receive adequate treatment. Rather than wasting time trying to diagnose your issues, they can begin helping you to properly keep you safe. 

In some cases, if you only want to list your name, a contact phone number and your condition on your medical ID bracelet, you can even include a simple management plan for others. It might not sound like much, but listing out simple steps to help manage your seizures can be a true lifesaver, especially for strangers who have never helped someone going through an epileptic seizure before. 

Avoid strange social issues 

One downside of living with epilepsy is that it can create social discomfort. This is especially true if you were to have minor symptoms or a small seizure while out in public. People may not know how to react, while others may judge you in the future. 

It’s deeply unfortunate that many people don’t understand what it’s like to live with epilepsy, and that many people remain judgmental of people living with serious medical conditions. However, before we can work together to change the perception of the world, you can make life easier by wearing a medical alert bracelet. 


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People can look at your bracelet and will understand that you have epilepsy. It may seem like a simple thing, but it’s a great way to get people to be more considerate of your condition. 

Stay Safe While on the Go

Part of living with epilepsy is knowing what to do to stay safe, whether at home or on the go. Simply put, you need to remain prepared. That’s why it’s important to wear a medical alert bracelet. Anyone living with epilepsy can protect themselves, preparing for an emergency far in advance. 

Don’t wait for your next seizure to take precaution. Instead, prepare by wearing an engraved, personal medical alert bracelet.