by ROAD iD Staff September 13, 2021

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Living with diabetes is no easy task. It provides even the best of us with challenges that can feel difficult to overcome, from constantly monitoring your diet to ensuring you have testing kits at-the-ready at all times. 

But how can you overcome these challenges? Most of all, is there any way to stay safe wherever you are?

Diabetic jewelry is one large step towards staying safe while on-the-go. But what makes them so great? And why should you be wearing one?

What Is a Diabetes Medical Bracelet?

medical alert bracelet is a piece of jewelry worn around the wrist. It comes with a soft, flexible band and a metal plate – which is engraved with your personal medical information.

As a diabetic, information to be included on your medical alert bracelet includes: 

  • Your name
  • Emergency contact’s name and phone number
  • Type of diabetes
  • Other health conditions
  • Medications you’re on
  • Whatever you’re allergic to

The benefits of wearing a diabetes medical bracelet are many, but here are a few of the ones that help the most:

1. Receive help in case of emergency

First and foremost, the greatest issue you need to focus on is in the event you have a sudden diabetic attack. For instance, say you’re out on a run and all of a sudden you’re feeling lightheaded and woozy. Next thing you know, you’re waking up on the side of the road. With no identifying information, no one will know how to help. They’ll know nothing of your personal information or your medical needs.

However, with a medical alert necklace, any stranger will be able to read your relevant medical history in mere moments. They can then call for help, properly informing medical personnel of your medical background and what may be the cause of your medical emergency/accident.

2. Prevent any misdiagnosis

A problem with having a sudden diabetic attack is that others may not know it’s due to diabetes, especially if they have no way of knowing. Based on that, it’s best to provide clear information, especially when they have no means of learning it from nothing at all.

Rather than trying various tests and wasting time to figure out what caused your accident, they can instead figure out what likely caused your medical emergency in mere seconds, removing any unnecessary testing. Suddenly, misdiagnosis can be avoided and you can receive help as soon as possible.

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3. Get assistance when you need it most

Similar to avoiding a misdiagnosis, you can also ensure that you receive proper medical assistance faster than normal. Rather than finding you on the side of the street and wondering where to begin, they can look down and see your medical bracelet. They can immediately read the engravings on your bracelet and act accordingly.

Unresponsive person found, appears as if they hit their head. Wearing a bracelet which identifies them. Also lists they are allergic to latex and have type 2 diabetes.

Boom. With that information, EMS can begin working from a starting point. They’ll of course want to check more, but they’ll want to determine whether it was caused by your diabetes or something else.

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4. Protect yourself, even if your routine changes

Your routine is bound to stray at some point in time. It might come from unexpected stressors in life, including school schedules for kids, sudden goings-on at work, emergency home care and more. Suddenly, you miss a meal, don’t exercise and your blood sugar crashes. You try to make up for it by injecting yourself with insulin, but you unfortunately give yourself a low dosage.

You shouldn’t allow a change in your routine to affect your life. In the event that your routine changes, it may lead to a medical emergency. If it were to happen, you should have something nearby that can keep you safe.


Don’t take chances in life. As a diabetic, you need to take certain precautions. But you can exercise with ease while wearing diabetic jewelry. From medical bracelets to medical alert necklaces, you can stay safe – wherever you go.