by Edward Wimmer August 03, 2020

ROAD iD is a company that embraces our "Why" - to save lives, provide peace of mind, and fuel adventure. The mission of the Technology Director is two-fold: 1) Set the strategy and vision for all technology solutions and 2) Build a technology team and process that empowers you to consistently say “yes” to worthy projects. To achieve this you will need to find the best mix of talent (internal, freelancers, agencies, interns) and effectively manage them to satisfy the company’s technology needs in a timely manner. The desired outcome is to provide the technical backbone that empowers the ROAD iD team to share our purpose-driven story with our target audiences.

The Technology Director will own our technology vision, architecture, and implementation. The director is responsible for the operational performance, reliability, and availability of all systems.  


You’ll set the Technology Strategy. To this end, you will

  • Create and manage our technology roadmap

  • Identify and select appropriate technology solutions and partners

  • Make the “build vs buy” decision so that we have an effective combination of in-house development and "off the shelf" solutions

  • Select and hire the best mix of talent (internal, freelancers, agencies, interns) and effectively manage them to satisfy the company’s technology needs in a timely manner.

  • Establish the best programming language, architecture, and standards for each project and product

  • Determine how to meet the technology needs of the company so we can consistently say “yes” to worthy technical projects.

  • Control technology investments and expenditures so as to enhance ROAD iD's financial health.

You will Deliver high-quality, cost-effective solutions that support ROAD iD's strategic, tactical, and operational goals. There will be times when you direct, times when you manage, and times when you dig in and implement solutions on your own.

You will Manage the team (internal and external) that brings our technical backbone to life. This includes our in-house engineers, sys admin, and various partner relationships.

You’ll be the primary technical point of contact and subject matter expert for all of our Software Partners and Custom Applications. Our current stack includes:

  • Partners

    • eCommerce Platform: Shopify Plus

    • eCommerce Connected Apps: Our Shopify store is integrated with numerous connected apps (Gorgias, Klaviyo,, etc.)

    • ERP:

    • Analytics/Reporting: Google Analytics, Redshift, Metabase

  • Custom Applications

    • ROAD iD Mobile App (aka “eCrumbs”): custom iPhone and Android application, with, SQL Server back-end

    • Custom, SQL server application that manages and stores Emergency Response Data

    • Kitchen Sink: Custom ETL/Bridge application built with Python on Heroku

    • Interchange: Custom ETL/Bridge application built with Ruby on Rails on Heroku

    • Scan and Pack: Custom Pick, Pack and Ship Application build with AngularJS

You’ll work hard to satisfy the needs of your Internal Customers that most frequently include the Head of eCommerce and Head of Operations. You’ll regularly interface with the CEO and other members of the leadership team.


  • System availability and performance

  • Technology costs and ROI

  • Stakeholder satisfaction

WHO YOU ARE (the ideal candidate)
Others will describe you as capable - a real go-getter (yes, that sounds corny). You are someone that knows how to grab the ball and run with it. You are probably a software engineer or former software engineer. You not only know how to “talk the talk,” you also know how to dig in and get your hands dirty. You have passion for getting things done and a bias towards action. You’re proactive and build excitement within teams. People describe you as a problem solver, creative, analytical, a good listener, and fun. You thrive in ambiguity. If this is you...and you can provide verifiable examples in your career where you’ve done this...then we need you...and we think you need us.

In addition to this, you have (and will be able to demonstrate) the following:

  • 5+ years of technology leadership experience with a background in ecommerce.

  • Demonstrated ability to pick up on new technologies quickly.  

  • Demonstrated experience across a wide berth of technologies including:

    • Microsoft platform - c#, .net, sql server, Azure

    • eCommerce platform/apps/app development - Shopify

    • Cloud development - Heroku, Redshift, Ruby on Rails, Python

  • A scrappy, entrepreneurial spirit with an ability to be responsive to changing priorities and emerging business needs.

  • An eye for the small stuff. It’s the details that make a good company great.

  • Strong collaboration skills

  • Things that might make you stand out:

    • Strong Technology Skills

    • Problem Solving

    • Project Management Chops

    • Leadership

WHO WE ARE (what we believe)

  • At ROAD iD, we don’t make widgets. We make a difference. The daily testimonials we receive from our customers keep us motivated to work towards our Dream: To see the day when wearing ID is as common as strapping on a seatbelt.

  • We believe that we are a great company - made this way by great people.

  • We believe it’s important to provide a fun, casual, team-oriented, fast-paced environment. Team members must also come to grips with the fact that, at ROAD iD, every member of the team is provided the opportunity to make real and significant contributions. In fact, you might say that we expect it.

  • We believe that “word of mouth” has always been, and will always be, the most important marketing lever. To that end, it is imperative that we deliver a Product, Service, and Journey (including messaging journey) so blindingly awesome that our customers can’t help but share it.

  • We believe that customers don’t want to do business with businesses. Rather, they want to do business with people. So, at every touchpoint, we try to talk and behave like real people.

  • We believe in keeping things “elegantly simple.”

  • We believe in moving fast and embracing mistakes.

  • We believe in giving a percentage of EVERY order to charity. Our current charity partner is 4 Paws for Humanity.

  • Our perks include: Matching IRA, strong PTO policy, Health/Dental/Vision package, $25K life and AD&D insurance, Free long-term disability insurance, 9 paid holidays.


Special Sauce
You’d better strap your socks on tight, because our dedication to YOU (our customer) will blow those socks straight off. At ROAD iD, you’re not dealing with “a business,” you’re dealing with people. Real people with personality, heart, and soul. You’re not just a number, and we’re not just another faceless company. To that end, we’re gonna treat you the same way we want to be treated. It's just that simple.

Be Remark-able
When you interact with us, you’re going to want to tell people about it. That’s because we work really hard to deliver a product, service, and journey so blindingly awesome that you can’t help but share it. When you talk about us, you’ll use adjectives like fun, honest, dependable, super fun, personal, passionate, enthusiastic, funny, tenacious, and really exceptionally fun.

Care Deeply
We care deeply. Like Grand Canyon deep. We stand behind everything we do and every product we sell. No shortcuts. No excuses. We’re going to work really hard to do things right the first time. If we make a mistake, we’re gonna own it. We’re gonna make it right. We’ve got your back.

Share the Love
At ROAD iD, Giving Back is not an afterthought. It’s a core reason we exist. In fact, ROAD iD Gives Back is an ongoing promise to donate a portion of every (yes, EVERY) order to charity. Our current charity partner, 4 Paws for Ability, is a remarkable non-profit that provides service dogs to children and veterans in need. Like ROAD iD, they’re saving lives and fueling adventure every day. Check 'em out.

Ear to the Ground, Eye to the Sky
Like Vanilla Ice said, “if there was a problem, yo I’ll solve it.” (we know you still have the cassette tape in a box somewhere). We’re never quite satisfied and realize there’s always room for improvement. We listen more than we talk because we know most great ideas come from those closest to the issue. To this end, our ears perk up when someone has a problem or experiences friction, as this usually indicates room for improvement. See something that needs fixin’? Let us know.

Whoop it Up
Yeah, ROAD iD is a serious product, and we have some very serious goals. That doesn’t mean we’re going to be boring or stuffy. We’re going to have fun, be a little weird, and laugh as much as possible. We realize that if we take ourselves too seriously, nobody else will.

This is a full-time position based in Covington, KY. You will report to the COO and work directly with the Marketing Director, Ecommerce Director, Operations Director and the CEO. Please send your resume, cover letter, and salary requirement to Be sure to answer the following question in your cover letter: What's your favorite mythical creature and why?