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My Road ID was able to make decisions for me
I have been an avid motorcycle rider for more than 20 years. A few years back, I had my first accident while on my way to work. A young driver blew through a stop sign and right out in front of me. The accident was very serious, and I was unconscious for four days. First responders were able to contact my family,.... - Andraise S. / Laurel, MD Continue Reading

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Another Happy Customer
"I love this concept. Simple. Genius. I'm a dual IDer! One newly ordered red band (with medic alert badge!) Interactive ID for ER doctors, and a second (my original RoadID) to "dumb it down" for anyone else who may find me. I wear them both 24/7. At 44 years old, and in the best shape of my life, I never saw the seizure coming. It was any other ordinary morning at work, with my bicycle down the hall, prepped for the daily lunch ride with the fellas. Little did I know, that there were a few pesky brain tumors wreaking havoc in my skull. I went down (fell right out of the chair) around 8:15 am on April 12. My cell has a lock screen code on it, but my RoadID had all the info my coworker needed to call my husband and son. These days, much of my medical treatment is being handled 200 miles away. The interactive RoadID will give local docs an easy way to access all of the info they need, should I have another unexpected crisis. I recommend these to everyone I know! One never knows when one might have a car accident, a lost child, or even an unexpected seizure at work. Sure... it's still a handy safety net for when I'm out on the bike, but I'm comforted 24/7 by these two simple colored bands. Glad you fellas put your idea into motion. Wish I'd have thought of it first... but I'm sure happy that SOMEONE did. ; )"
Monique K. / Santa Maria, CA