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The Road ID App told my wife I was in trouble...

I need to send a sincere thank you for your Android App.

While riding my bicycle, I was hit by a pickup truck making an illegal turn at a roundabout.  I was less than a mile from home, but didn't have the whereabouts to call my wife to let her know what was going on.
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Scott G. Hilliard, OH

I was dragged 40 feet and pinned under a truck...

I was involved in an accident while riding my bike. I was run over, dragged 40 feet and pinned under a truck. My injuries were very severe and I was not expected to live. When the people that came to my aid asked me my name I lifted my right hand that had my Road ID bracelet on it. My first contact was... Continue Reading
Kristen H. Carmichael, CA

I was attacked while out on a run...

I installed the Road ID App and was ready to give it a test while out on a run. I listed my ex-fiance, mom, and sister as my emergency contacts, and sent them an eCrumb so they could track me on the map while I was out. I also informed my ex-fiance (a local on-duty police officer) that I would be running my “regular route” and how long... Continue Reading
Jen G. Easton, PA

I received life saving treatment immediately...

I have a pre-existing congenital heart condition, and a few months ago, during equestrian training, I suddenly experienced severe chest pain and shortness of breath. I immediately drove to the ER and was unable to communicate verbally upon arrival. I frantically pointed to my Road ID, causing the triage staff to read my info and determine... Continue Reading
Alex M. Southern Pines, NC

The driver didn't stop...

I was cycling downtown when a car turned in front of me, causing me to smash my head into the rear window. The driver did not stop to check for injuries and I managed to get back on my bike and cycle for two hours until I collapsed. I was hauled to the ER with very little memory of what had occurred.

Because I didn't have a Road ID at the
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Pamela H. Nederland, CO