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The Road ID App told my wife I was in trouble...

I need to send a sincere thank you for your Android App.

While riding my bicycle, I was hit by a pickup truck making an illegal turn at a roundabout.  I was less than a mile from home, but didn't have the whereabouts to call my wife to let her know what was going on.
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Scott G. Hilliard, OH

I was dragged 40 feet and pinned under a truck...

I was involved in an accident while riding my bike. I was run over, dragged 40 feet and pinned under a truck. My injuries were very severe and I was not expected to live. When the people that came to my aid asked me my name I lifted my right hand that had my Road ID bracelet on it. My first contact was... Continue Reading
Kristen H. Carmichael, CA

I woke up in the hospital with broken bones

I am a Sergeant in the Canadian military, and through the course of my travels, I met a Sargent in US military. We became friends and he introduced me to the sport of cycling and Road ID. In purchasing my ID, I also installed the Road ID app on my phone. Two weeks ago, I was involved in a serious accident. I have no idea what took place... Continue Reading
Debbie F. Courtenay, BC

I knew my Road ID was my only chance....

After a workout at our local YMCA, I collapsed from a potassium drop and was rapidly becoming paralyzed. Of course, the only thing I was wearing at the time was my Road ID and my wedding ring! By the time the ambulance came, I was only able to speak, but I was confused and could not think clearly enough to convey my very... Continue Reading
Michelle M. Evanston, IL

I wanted to ensure my family could be contacted...

I have been a State Trooper for more than 25 years. All too often, when responding to a serious traffic accident or medical emergency, contacting family members is problematic and time-consuming. As I began to increase my running in recent years, I wanted to ensure others could contact my family in the event of an emergency... Continue Reading
Robert E. Macomb, IL