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The collision sent me over the bars!

I recently had a head-on accident with another cyclist. It was dark, he had no lights, and he was riding against traffic. The collision broke the head tube off my bike and sent me over the bars.

I am doing OK, just waiting for my elbows and forearms to fully heal. Both arms took the brunt of the force, although I also hit my head
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James N. Leander, TX

I lost my 10 year old son in the crowd…

At a recent race, as we were rushing to congratulate my husband at the finish line, I lost my 10 year old son in the crowd. I was in a full panic, having the finish line announcer call his name over the loudspeaker, when my cell phone rang. My son had located a mom in the crowd and showed her my cell number on his... Continue Reading
Heather D. Haymarket, VA

My Road ID saved my life TWICE in four days!

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you. My Road ID has saved my life TWICE in the past four days! I am highly allergic to bee stings, and unfortunately, I have been stung twice while at work as a landscaper. 

The first incident happened when I hit a clothesline in which the bees had built a nest inside the pipes.
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Chris E. Eagan, MN

He knew who I was because of my husband’s Road ID

"Kelly, this is Adrian. I'm with Mike who got into a minor bike accident. Please call me."

That’s a text message I received this weekend in San Francisco. I don't know Adrian, and will likely never meet him, but he knew who I was because of the name and phone number on my husband's Road ID. Mike's "minor" accident turned
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Kellie M. Greenfield, CA

Road ID gave me peace during a challenging time

We live out in the country and do a lot of walking and biking on a country road near us. It is pretty isolated and it has always made my husband really nervous when I’m out on my own. When a friend referred me to your site, I checked it out and immediately bought myself a Road ID. It has since given my husband and me peace of mind... Continue Reading
Kellie C. Delaware, OH