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I truly appreciate everything your service provides. Of course, the sense of security that comes from wearing the Road ID bracelet is most important to me as I often ride long rides alone, but I also very much appreciate the low key reminders to renew, not having my information passed along, the ease of using your site, etc. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful and needed product.
Roy O. / Portland, OR
You guys are awesome! I love your products, your customer service is the best going with any company I have dealt with in years (many companies could learn a lot from you guys). I tell everyone about you & have bought several IDs as gifts. Everyone I have given one to loves them & loves the peace of mind that their IDs give them. Thank you for all that you do in running such an awesome company! 
Christy D. / Ellenwood, GA
I was looking for a service to personalize some dog tags for me, for exactly this purpose and after looking at a dozen sites I stumbled across this one. I wanted to say that brilliant people think alike and I am glad you folks are making this service available. I like that it has options for style and functionality and also I appreciate that they are not so much jewelry that you don't realize what it is. Jewelry medical alert ids are something as a first responder have had problems with spotting in the past. Thank you for making it affordable for me as first responder to outfit my family with these bracelets. Something we are going to wear not only when we are working out. Additionally my wife and I have decided to make them holiday presents for my brother and sister in-law as well. (Will be coming back for gift cards so they can design their own Road IDs). Thank you, Thank you!
Cordain L. / Savage, MD
My new RoadID arrived just in time! I received my Fixx ID this past Monday in the mail. I immediately linked my new ID to my ERP and updated some info. Later that evening, I had severe chest pain and shortness of breath. My husband called 911 and the ambulance arrived shortly thereafter. Even though my husband used to be a paramedic, due to the emergent situation he couldn't remember what medications I was on. He told the ambulance staff that I was wearing my RoadID. They were able to access my medications and history list so easily. Once at the ER, the doctors and staff there accessed my RoadID for more info. I was just released from the hospital today and wanted to thank you for such a wonderful product. Because of my RoadID, decisions were made more quickly and the medical care was administered more quickly because of that. It was found that I have a hole in my heart and I am thankful for my RoadID from the bottom of my "holey" heart! Even the ambulance staff and the medical staff at the hospital will be ordering a RoadID. Thank you again.
Pamela C. / Vestal, NY
I was so happy with my own Road ID when I received it today that I immediately logged on and began this order for my husband. I have told, and will continue to tell, all of my friends and family about this wonderful product. Living in the mountains of western North Carolina, we are all avid hikers and spend a lot of time alone in the forest. This product will give me, and others, a little extra peace of mind. Thank you so much!
Amanda J. / Brevard, NC
As a police detective I do less "first responding" than I did in earlier years of my career but, owning a Road ID myself, I tend to notice those who own them as well. I have noticed a good many on athletes and non-athletes alike. The distinctive designs and bands make them readily noticeable and recognizable. Additionally, I wear mine constantly and have received many comments from others who notice them and, even, recognize me by mine. The unique design makes them stand out as something more than yet another piece of jewelry.
Frederick L. / Spartanburg, SC
I'm a paramedic in Denver, and I love that you guys offer this service. I wear my own ID and encourage all of my friends and family to do so, as well. Hospitals struggle with the "John Doe" situation more these days, and your product is an awesome way to prevent paperwork hang-ups, allergic reactions, and treatment errors. Thank you.
Adam M. / Golden, CO
I have been using RoadID for 8 years. I never leave the house for a run or ride without it.
Daniel P. / Garner, NC
The price you charge for yearly subscription is of a great value! Your whole system and products are the best on the market! I can't tell you how many times I have encouraged my friends, family and contacts to give RoadID a shot! I have turned on quite a few non athletic people to RoadID as well. Its smart technology and we all hope the day never comes that its needed but if so there is peace of mind that proper medical and contact information is literally on hand! Keep up the great services! You have an amazing business model now for me to birth my own value added service of some sort to offer to the community!
Jeffrey M. / Des Moines, WA
I absolutely love your website. I am in a senior home (independent living) and I have my own apartment. I have medical information from your site hanging on the inside of my front door. When I fell and had to be rushed to the hospital, the ambulance personnel needed to only reach up and grab my full medical profile. It made the doctor's job easier and permitted me to get the care I needed with a minimum of information having to be given to the emergency room doctors. I have told everybody here about it and I would not be without it. You do not have to be an outdoor person to need your service. I commend you and recommend you.  
Lois B. / Owings Mills, MD

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