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Got hit by a truck a few years ago on a road bike training ride. I was not coherent, but showed someone my Road ID and they got my info and called my wife (after 911)!
Noble U. / San Antonio, TX
Our whole family has Road IDs. We love the personal feel to your company!
Tricia H. / Valencia, CA
I don't need to get in to either of your sites very often, but every time I do, I am impressed by everything I see and do here! Not only are your products extremely well thought out and well executed, but the packaging and shipping are first rate. Further, both sites are among the most responsive I've ever used, but again extremely well thought out and very easy to use. It is not often that a website is actually a pleasure to use, but your are :)
Ian P. / Kanata, ON
I have had a Road ID for over 2 years and wear it every time I walk/run/bike/swim/boat, or even working in the yard. It has held up well to the heat and humidity, and I feel extra safe knowing someone could help me even though I have a cell phone. I want my family to be safer too so I just ordered one for my husband and our son-in-law.
Cheryl J. / Ocoee, FL
We love Road ID. Everyone in our family has one. All my young children have them, and we wear them whenever they could possibly be separated from us. We also send them on field trips with their Road ID's, all the kids think they are "so cool." Now we are getting a dog, and we can't stand the "jingle" so Road ID was the way to go. Thank you, you guys have superb customer service and products. Great job! Keep on, keeping on.
Sarah H. / Hghlnds Ranch, CO
I've been wearing RoadID for a few years now, have tagged many of my grandchildren with it, and as an EMS Instructor, braaaagggg on you with pride. Your tags are my example of the "Silent Who". Your choice to make the patient your focus helps us FR's so much. I also encourage/recommend your company to folks who have loved ones with disabilities that would make it hard to find out information in a critical but scary situation. Your variety of tags, styles, well-thought-out body-attachment-systems, and lifetime guarantees fit anyone's family. THANK YOU! 
Val R. / Bedford, TX
I got this for my 15 year old daughter Jordyn , after a long ordeal and hospitalization. After many test we found her to have an allergy to many inactive ingredients. Propylene glycol and benzoyl alcohol which were in all the medication she was being treated with. After researching what products are safe for my daughter,I found a blog and the woman recommended getting your braclet . It really has given my husband and I peace of mind that went Jordyn leaves the house if anything should happen that the E M T s know her allergy and don't kill her it the process of trying to save her . Thank you for such a great thing
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Your website is SO EASY to use. Had to go back and forth, copy information over, reorder previous items - it was ALL easy.
Carl J. / Phoenixville, PA
I am an Emergency Room RN, and I can't count how many times I have had a trauma patient come in from biking, running, etc. who we couldn't identify. Thanks for making my job easier and giving answers to those families.
James C. / Greensboro, NC
You guys put the awesome, in sauce.
Jayson L. / St Petersburg, FL

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