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I think this is the most important piece of running equipment you can own. Last year I bought one for my husband and now I'm buying one for my son and a second one for myself! I feel naked running without it!
Nancy A. / Coopersburg, PA
Your Road IDs give me peace of mind. Every time my husband leaves for a run or bike ride, he wears his Road ID. Thank you for a product that makes so much sense.
Lysa U. / Ventura, CA
I really appreciate your products. They make me feel safer and my family worry less. As a nurse I can tell you that trying to get info can be difficult. Road ID can save lives!
Heike A. / Limon, CO
I do a lot of cycling by myself. I really appreciate your app. It gives me some peace of mind knowing that my wife will be notified quickly in the event of an emergency.
Brandon S. / Ocean Park, WA
One of my neighbors just had a massive heart attack 3 blocks from home while out on a run. He is 37 years old. Thankfully, a passer-by saw him and was able to get him the help he needed. He not only survived, but has minimal long lasting effects. And now his 18 month-old son gets to grow up with his father. I always ran with my RoadID before, but now I NEVER leave for a run without it. Thank you for what you provide!
Julie B. / Forest Park, IL
Your mission is outstanding. Your products are awesome. Your website is user friendly. The thing you are doing that is more than right is giving the fitness community a viable and much need way to speak for themselves in case of the unexpected. Plus I think the road id is a snazzy accessory that accents any fitness attire. Kudos to the Road ID organization, you are appreciated. Run safe, cycle strong and always let your identity be known. 
Tammie-Maria A. / El Paso, TX
I work in a hospital and a patient came in with his bracelet on. I was amazed! This is truly the best idea ever! With so many lines to use, you can list all of your information!
Summer P. / Auburn, AL
I want you to know that people like yourselves really do make a difference in the lives of others such as myself. The time, energy, patience, commitment, and care that goes into each aspect of what you do is truly priceless. Thank you in advance for the order I just placed. Well wishes to you both. Your website is fantastic!
Deanne G. / Toms River, NJ
Living alone in a college town, using the bus & walking for modes of transportation PLUS marathon training at any and all times of the day means this bracelet is a lifeline for me. Not that I necessarily walk into danger but I've been known to stumble into some scary situations including being followed by a biker for 4 miles while out running. I wear my Road I.D. EVERY DAY as a precaution "just in case" (this is a replacement since my first one broke off in the woods a few weeks ago). It gives my parents and friends some peace of mind knowing that if I can't talk my bracelet can. I also use the Road I.D. app for my friends to track my runs when I'm going out very early or later at night to add further protection and safety for myself. I love that these are affordable and you can personalize them to reflect your training AND accomplishments while also having the power to motivate you! No one wants to wear a boring bracelet on their arm at all times of the day. :)
Shelby G. / Las Vegas, NV
Thank you once again for the awesome customer service. Additionally, the Road ID safety application is an unbelievable valued tool. Once I hit the road, my wife and brother are immediately notified of my location; although, I forget to cancel the ALERT ALARM when I stop for a cup of coffee and danish, best part of the ride. I am always being asked about your product and I refer them to the web site. Great job on the Tour de France coverage and trivia. Regards and knowledge is power, Ruben L. Corral
Ruben C. / Temple City, CA

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