My identification / medical cards were illegible
I wish I had a Road ID last summer during a rainy century ride.  I was riding along when suddenly I slipped on some train tracks going about 22 mph.  By the time I was taken to the nearest hospital, I was soaked, filthy, and in mild shock.  I carried my medical cards, and other forms of identification, but they had.... - Elizabeth T. / West Hartford, CT Continue Reading

Event Sponsorship Program

Sponsorship Testimonials
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One thing you are doing right is not requiring mailing addresses as ransom, like others who offer similar services. Thanks!

St. Marys Spring Into Summer 5K
John Stahl

Sorry this is so last minute, we just found out about Road ID sponsorship program yesterday. Thank you for your support.

Jose Lopez Mermorial 5K Run
Eric Schwartz - Director of Sponsorship

Look forward to your participation in our Holy Child Dedication Run. My husband found out about Road ID last year and has since purchased me two for each pair of shoes.

Holy Child Dedication Run
Kathy Hadden
Drexel HillPA

I am really excited to be working with you this year!!! Thanks!

The Running of the Dawgs
Timothy Churetta

We are glad to have Road ID help sponsor our race. Both my wife and I have been running with our Road ID's for several years. We feel they are an important asset in the event of an unforeseen problem.


Thank you for sponsoring our event. I think Road ID is an excellent product. Good luck.

Spring Sprint
Dee Freiberg

Alone on the trail? Nothing better than having Road ID on your side. Thanks Guys.

Mayors Trophy 5K Run
Ally Mongo

Thank you for sponsoring our race for the 3rd year. I have my own Road ID and love it.

3rd Annual Life of Riley Foundation 5km/1mile Run-Walk
Kelly Saba

This is a worthy cause. Thank you for the sponsorship.

Toledo Symphony Stampede
Tana Schiewer

I really appreciate your support and look forward to working with Road ID again this year.

Festival of the Four States 4K 8K Runs
Audie Dennis

Good mission - Good products. Thanks for the sponsorship.

Sequoia Century
Dick Blaine

Thank you for sponsoring our race again this year! My race participants loved receiving the Road ID Gift Certificates and Flyers last year!

CVKA Memorial Day 10K
Lesley McPhatter

We really appreciate your continued support. Thank you!

Memorial Day 5K
Lillian Lawless

WE LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS!! This is the 2nd year of this series, and we are hoping to grow it every year. Your Road ID bib numbers are wonderful, and the gift certificates make great prizes - everyone loves them!! THANK YOU!!

Diane McBride

Your gift certificates were one of the most sought after prizes at our race last year! Thanks for a great product and a great service to race directors!

Heart of Holladay 5K Classic
Kris Erickson

You have an excellant product, and I hope you continue to do well and spread the word about the importance of wearing ID. I look forward to your participation in our race this year.

F.R.E.A.K.S. freeride race stunt contest
Ron Prater

I think your mission is invaluable. As a race director and endurance runner I know the value of wearing ID. I have had friends who should have had ID and are lucky to be alive.

Idaho Great Potato
Tim Severa

Dustin's GreenHouse fully supports your efforts to make the roads safer for all athletes. Thank you for all that you are doing to help sponsor local race events.

Dustins GreenHouse Summer Solstice Fun Run
Ashlie Green

We received a great response to your product at last years event. We look forward to this year! Thanks for your support.

CrossRoads Criterium
David Fouts
Terre HauteIN

Thank you so much for all your help! We couldn't have a successful, safe event without Road ID.

SuperSprint Triathlon
Stephanie Scott
Oklahoma CityOK

Another Happy Customer
"You guys are awesome! Best customer service ever! Thanks!"
Katie G. / St Petersburg, FL